Back in the day, Jeff used to make music, but these days he’s caterpillared his way to become a film-maker butterfly and spends most of his time with a camera in his hand globe-trotting to the four corners, laughing and crying at the joys life throws at him. Jeff has poked his nose behind a camera on film & photography projects in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Ethiopia, Italy, U.S.A., Honduras and Colombia (he likes to travel!) and in his own back yard of Melbourne, Australia. Basically, Jeff is a geeky-technology-camera-gear-type guy that loves finding and hearing peoples stories out there in the big ol’ world. He also likes to have fun and is really good at doing it.


Roland is a creative producer (whatever that means) and is the sensible one of the two. Seriously. As a young lad he somehow found himself falling into the arts world, but he soon realised that a combination of acting, music and radio production were not his kettle of chips. So for the past 7 years he has been producing festivals, creating performance events, working with artists to plan tours & album releases and working with communities to create all kinds of wonderful arts projects. Like Jeff, he loves to explore and has worked on major arts projects & festivals in New Zealand, Mexico, and of course lil’ ol’ Melbourne, AND he can do a rad South African accent.