Jeraff is Jeff Hann and Roland Fraval. We are two adventurous creatives focusing on documentary film and live events whilst exploring pathways within a forever evolving world. We love finding, listening to and telling stories, it’s what drives us, what excites us and gives us a cheeky little smile at the end of a job well done! If you want to get all deep and philosophical, isn't life all about sharing stories? What do you do when you catch up for coffee, or see a long lost friend, or have dinner with your mum on a Sunday night? You tell your story, you share your experience and you bring people into your story so it becomes something  shared, something treasured.

Whether the stories are in the form of a film, a photo, a festival, an album release or an exhibition, Jeraff is all about helping people to share their stories with the world. To be more specific, we make films of all types (documentary, music videos, festival & event films, corporate TVC's, video art installations) and create festivals and events for the wonderful people we are lucky enough to work with, all aimed at sharing the story that needs to be told.

Over the past 5 years Jeff and Roland have worked on a wide range of projects with government departments, corporate business, community groups and artists. Roland has curated Fed Square's calendar of regular events and produced festivals such as Twilight SoundsKids ArtyFarty Festival and the Stringybark Sustainability Festival while Jeff has worked on numerous film & photography projects in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Macedonia and is currently working alongside Roland on his debut feature documentary The Coffee Hunter.